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$(".hp-feature-slide.active").removeClass("active"); Upload your documents for printing and copying. case KeyCodes.right: // IS LAST ITEM "rotatingImageColorsElementsList" : ['.desc-bg'] Lips can represent these things because when two people kiss it is a form of expressing love. $('.sw-mystart-dropdown.translate').off("mouseleave"); $(dropdownParent).mouseleave(function() { Fax: 702-799-3443 You can use this area for legal statements, copyright information, a mission statement, etc. Contact Information. NWOC STAR Event @ Wilsonville, 10:30 AM - 12:40 PM //DOC make homepage apps collapsible for small mobile devices 'siteID' : '8', (i[r].q = i[r].q || []).push(arguments) $(".hp-feature-title").first().addClass("active"); $("#hp-feature-apps .region > div").each(function(){ 7:25 a.m. - "animateSpeed" : 3, ?\d+(\.\d+)*)/i); Social Sciences English Language Learners (ELL) West Ada School District. $("#hp-slideshow .image-button.stop").html(''); Interpretation: The praying mantis is what scientists call an ambush predator, this means they lie and wait for their prey. Students visited a sculpture in person and took a picture of themselves with the sculpture. } $(".view-calendar-link").before('

'); case KeyCodes.up: https://www.columbusmakesart.com/place/7828-flowing-kiss, http://www.lawrenceargent.com/public-art-projects/flowing-kiss. // CONSUME RIGHT AND DOWN ARROWS Room, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM return false; "menuBtnText" : "Main Menu", $("#gb-sitename h1").show(); Find your student's bus number and pickup time. function eventsByDay(container) { Johnston coach Chad Jilek knew his team was going to be in for a battle in the Class 5A semifinals . "useDefaultCSS" : "yes", Staff Listing | Centennial Schools District Home Staff Listing by Last Name ALL A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z by Department by Grade by School/Location Jim A. The Ballantrae Giant Dancing Hares sculpture was made in 2001 by artist Sophie Ryder. FCS says "welcome and congratulations" to our newest principals and administrative staff. "moreLinkText" : "Read More", $("li.ui-breadcrumb-first > a > span").text("Home"); Centennial High School. var clickedApp = $(this).parent().parent().attr("id"); //var getWidth = ($("body").hasClass("msie8")) ? "thumbnailHeight" : 32, Translate . }); //DOC make homepage apps collapsible for small mobile devices if(featureTimerSet == 1){ screen.width : window.outerWidth; Find out more. $(".ui-widget.app.calendar #calendarlist-pnl-specialview").removeClass("ui-helper-hidden"); "menuInfoText480" : "", Centennial High School Dedicated To Excellence In Education District Home. var countLi = 0; // CAPTURE KEY CODE Search . His decision to carve a couch was from the history of the land, as the land once housed several furniture stores. } $("#sw-footer-links ul li").eq(1).html($("#sw-footer-links ul li:eq(1) a")); Three major projects marked a timing point in the history of land use in dublin. This handrail is attached to a bridge.I think the coloration of the deer is to tie it to the idea of the river. "autoRotate" : "on", if(!$(this).hasClass("active")){ var featureTimerSet = 0; It also expresses passion because when people kiss they are typically passionate about each other. }; background: #D36929; /*lighter orange*/ } $(".ui-article", container).each(function(){ I also like how flowy and happy the rabbits seem. case KeyCodes.tab: $("#sw-myaccount").html('My Account
'); function MyStartDropdownActions(params) { Phone: (914) 277-2400 Fax: $(this).attr({"aria-expanded": "true"}).parent().addClass("open").find(dropdown).attr("aria-hidden", "false").slideDown(300, "swing", function(){ The specific sculptural form seen in Ohio States Modern Head first came to life in 1969. Sam farmed the land and Eulalia was always working with him. SUN Program 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM. // FOCUS NEXT ITEM "showDistrictHome" : "yes", Kedziora made it so his art is always changing and influenced by their surroundings, just how people are, and they are not stagnant but always moving- even if just a little- with the wind. Robert Huff is a sculptor and professor from Central Ohio. div.homepage-thumb-region.region-3 { clearInterval(window.featureTimer); if(featureTimerSet == 1){ I feel like it could be better if it had more color, but i'm not sure about the color supply and accessibility during the time of creating it (somewhere between 18981986). $(".gb-header-global-icons").creativeIcons({ March 9th at 7PM - CPPEG Webinar: Eat, Sleep and Think Your Way to Health. } $(".view-calendar-link").prepend(''); if(e.target.nodeName.toLowerCase() !== 'select') { function dynamicContent(){ SUN AM Basketball 7:00 AM - 7:50 AM. She was one of the youngest students to have ever entered the Schools, at only 18 years old. This link enables staff to record absences and request time off. The plaster sculpture remained in Moores possession until 1978 when it was included in the artists gift of thirty-six sculptures to the Tate Gallery. Both parents and students are highly encouraged to attend. var browser = getBrowser(); } function searchText() { Name & Email. "Where education comes first and Excellence is a tradition", All Senior Class information will be posted on the Senior Class page located at https://www.ccsoh.us/domain/2029. if (getWidth >= 1024) { // 960+ The artist is Polish artist Jerzy Jotka Kedziora and part of his exhibit Suspension: Balancing Art, Nature, and Culture. $(this).closest(dropdownList).find("li:first-child > a").attr("tabindex", "0").focus(); case KeyCodes.left: } "thumbnails" : "off", // ********** HEADER ********** // background: #417206; /*lighter green*/ ga('BBTracker.set', 'dimension6', '3413'); $(dropdownSelector, this).attr({"aria-expanded": "false"}).parent().removeClass("open").find(dropdown).attr("aria-hidden", "true").slideUp(300, "swing"); e.preventDefault(); Sam farmed the land and Eulalia was always working with him. display: none !important; var dropdownList = params.dropdownList; Centennial High School; All Staff (Alphabetically) School Contact Information. div.homepage-thumb-region.region-8 { "showChannelList" : "yes", Jill Urich Principal Phone: 515.965.9610 | Email } }); // CONSUME HOME KEY $(document).on("keydown", dropdownParent + " " + dropdownList + " li a", function(e) { The Frantz family came to Dublin in 1828, and Eulalia was from a long line of farmers in Washington township. //var getWidth = ($("body").hasClass("msie8")) ? This unique four-month program involves a week-long summer program of hands-on activities, as well as involvement in a team community service project. $("html, body").animate({ Centennial High . That not only is this representative of CCAD and the fine work that is made there, but also the fact that you can find beauty in the simpler things. featureTimerSet = 0; div.region span.homepage-thumb-region-number { } featureRotateTimer(); }); Need help logging in? } 2:10 p.m. Find your student's bus number and pickup time. $(this).parent().remove(); if(e.shiftKey) { He is renowned for his semi-abstract monumental bronzes, which can be seen all over the world.Moore was born in Castleford, a small mining town in Yorkshire, in 1898. featureNum = jQuery.trim(featureNum.replace("hp-feature-title", "").replace("first", "").replace("last", "")); var featureNum = $(this).attr("class"); if($("div.ui-widget.app", this).hasClass("headlines")) { Chihuly graduated from the University of Washington in 1965 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in interior design, and began experimenting with glass blowing. Leadership U is an exciting, experiential leadership, teambuilding, and community service opportunity forcurrent high school sophomores. "useOverlay" : "off", var M = ua.match(/(opera|chrome|safari|firefox|msie)\/?\s*(\. case KeyCodes.down: } She also embedded other everyday items and household objects into the sculptures. "siteID" : "8" "translateId" : "none", "showMenuInfoText" : "no", window.featureTimer = setInterval(function(){ } div.homepage-thumb-region.region-5 { // PHOTO GALLERY CONFIGURATION Part of the Howard County Public School System, Servicios de Idiomas | | | Holhlei Riantuanmihna, Leadership U 2023 - Leadership Howard County (leadershiphc.org). screen.width : window.outerWidth; } COPPA Compliance Public Records Request State . if($("h1",this).text()=="") { div.homepage-thumb-region { } Teachers Incentive Allotment Henry Spencer Moore lived from 1898-1886 and was one of the most important British Artists of the 20th Century and arguably the most internationally celebrated sculptor of the period. $("#gb-popular-links-outer").slideUp(function(){ } PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) A Michigan judge has ruled that staff and administrators at Oxford High School cannot be sued for a mass shooting that left four students dead and seven others wounded. ga('BBTracker.set', 'dimension3', 'NY01913305'); Students Finding Ways to Attend College for Free With Help From I Know I Can, COSI Launches The Platform STEM Program for High Schoolers. $(".hp-feature-slide").first().addClass("active"); // FOCUS FIRST ITEM Learn more about the email and text alerts included within your HCPSS News subscription. } "){ Sam and Eulalia Frantz moved to this site in 1935 and lived there until 1963. $(this).closest(dropdownList).find("a").attr("tabindex", "-1"); $(this).parent().addClass("active"); School Start and Dismissal Times: 7:25 a.m. - 2:10 p.m. School Profile. Applications are due March 31, 2023. This was an opportunity for students to learn about public art, who created them, and the meaning and reasoning behind them. The Herricks School District, a Community of Learners, through its educational programs, promotes intellectual curiosity and creative expression, values diversity, and measures success by one's personal development and contributions to society. Cedar Falls junior Cade Courbat dunks the ball against Ankeny Centennial on Tuesday in the Class 4A substate championship at Marshalltown High School. Disclaimer Text goes in this spot. $(".hp-feature-slide").eq(index).remove(); break; color: #fff; function rotateFeatures() { ga('BBTracker.set', 'dimension2', 'False'); C/DD Youth Baseball Gym, 7:00 AM - 7:50 AM if($(dropdownParent).hasClass("open")){ } else { "brandedLayout": 1 // 1 = VERTICAL (TEXT UNDER SELECT), 2 = HORIZONTAL (TEXT BESIDE SELECT), 3 = NON-RESPONSIVE MEGA DROPDOWN Centennial High School leads the way in the FCS charter system with its Learning Commons - the only 21st century high school Learning Commons in the district. $(".hp-feature-title").click(function(){ $(this).closest(dropdownList).find("a").attr("tabindex", "-1"); It is part of his exhibit Suspension: Balancing Art, Nature, and Culture and seeks to make art accessible to the general public while presenting it in front of a variety of scenic and natural backgrounds. ga('create', 'UA-5173826-6', 'auto', 'BBTracker' ); Centennial High School Staff LINDSAY AIKMAN HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER CENTENNIAL HIGH aikmanli@u4sd.org BETSY ALDERMAN HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER CENTENNIAL HIGH aldermbe@u4sd.org ASIA ALLEN CAFETERIA - PRODUCTION CENTENNIAL HIGH MICHAEL ALLEN HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER CENTENNIAL HIGH allenmike@u4sd.org SYDNEY AMOS HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER CENTENNIAL HIGH amossy@u4sd.org $("#sw-mystart-right #sw-mystart-search").appendTo($("#gb-search")); 'icon4' : ['Communication/11.png', 'Need Help? "showSchoolList" : "yes", } With his characteristic mix of curiosity, historical admiration and irony, he was particularly evoking previous 20th century International Art Deco and Art Moderne styles. // FOCUS NEXT ITEM Read stories published by the district's dedicated news team. function getBrowser(){ It has this simple and modern look to it, which I think symbolizes what CCAD and the community in general. }).focusout(function() { csTranslate(); // FOCUS PREVIOUS ITEM div.homepage-thumb-region.region-9 { Join the Ohio State Universitys National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) & Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) in the STEM Challenge. Jeff Linder High School Basketball Mar. }); $(".sw-mystart-button.popular-links").removeClass("open"); "showMyAccount" : "yes", There are four other modern heads around the world. } Modern Head this piece is 31 feet tall and made of steel. Assistant Principal (A to K) Lisa Hannay. Boys Varsity Basketball OSAA 1st round - TBA (away), Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). Flowing Kiss has two components to each structure, the outer shell which are the lips and the flowyness coming out of the lips. $(this).attr({"aria-expanded": "false"}).parent().removeClass("open").find(dropdown).attr("aria-hidden", "true").slideUp(300, "swing"); }); 'icon3' : ['People/3.png', 'Parent Portal', 'https://schooltool2.gcufsd.net', '_self'], Often, people walk by sculptures without noticing them. div.homepage-thumb-region.region-4 { The artwork is a single object sculpture. }*/ } function appView480() { 10:45 This art piece may have been to pull peoples interest to nature, stemming from a blue, bronze statue of a deer. $("h1.ui-article-title", this).prependTo($(this)); No. "randomOrder" : "off", It is located on 18th Avenue between Smith and McPherson Laboratories. After training to be a teacher and serving in the British Army he studied at Leeds School of Art and then the Royal College of Art, London. I believe this sculpture is there to captivate the feeling of love in the community. Connect with our Recruitment Team today to get the process started. They bridge the gap between healthcare and education. Three major projects marked a timing point in the history of land use in dublin. He kept noticing a sign at a college on top of a hill in Taipei and envisioned an equally striking, placemaking landmark for CCAD. Ric Petry has been doing art before this as he got his masters degree in fine arts from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. $(this).closest(dropdownList).find("li:first-child > a").attr("tabindex", "0").focus(); var thisDropdown = this; text-align: center; It's a nice place to visit with children. $(this).closest(dropdownList).find("li:last-child > a").attr("tabindex", "0").focus(); (function (i, s, o, g, r, a, m) { As a student of art history, Lichtenstein surely knew about the thousands of years of artworks depicting flat profile heads and portraits. Learn more about our guiding principles and view a profile of our district. }, function(){ // SCROLL TO TOP BUTTON Chrysalis Group - Pd 2, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM }); School Start and Dismissal Times: } $("#sw-footer-links ul li").eq(2).after($("#sw-footer-links ul li").eq(1)); Joe Sturgeon. ADDRESS: 999B Herricks Road, New Hyde Park, NY 11040. var getWidth = $(window).width(); Serving the communities of Blaine, Centerville, Circle Pines, Lexington and Lino Lakes, Physical Education Teacher, DAPE Teacher (CHS), Student Assistance Program Coordinator (CHS), Activities Administrative Assistant (CHS), Healthy Living/Strength Conditioning Teacher (CHS), Public Information and Community Outreach, School Board Meeting and Work Study Session Agendas and Minutes, Support Services, Professional School Counselors & Career Center, Odyssey A School-Within-A-School for Highly Gifted Students, Post-Secondary Enrollment Opportunities (PSEO). /* HOMEPAGE EDIT THUMBNAIL STYLES */ } featureTimerSet = 0; $(this).closest(dropdownList).find("a").attr("tabindex", "-1"); $(".sw-mystart-button.popular-links").addClass("open"); 'showSideImages' : "on", switch(e.keyCode) { 2019-2020 Boys' Varsity Basketball. Centennial high school. Centennial Scholarships. } else { if(!$("#hp-feature-apps div.ui-widget.app.active").length){ Jason Groves can be reached at 575 . // APPEND APP TITLE TO FEATURE TITLE, APP DETAIL TP FEATURE BODY "pauseHover" : ['all'], // CHOICES - ['title'], ['overlay'], ['caption'], ['all'] Phone 951-739-5670 | Fax 951-739-5693. He continued working in sculpture, drawing, printmaking and textile design until his death in 1986. div.homepage-thumb-region.region-6 { Intro to Computers & Virtual Business Teacher, Media Arts, Video, Theater Tech & Webmaster, Chemistry and Project Lead the Way HBS (Human Body Systems) Teacher, Engineering, Architecture and CAD/Drafting Instructor, We Are HAWKS Behavioral Intervention Program, CA PBIS 2020 Community Cares Recognition Letter, Schoolwide Student Behavior & Learning Expectations, Ttulo I Poltica de participacin de padres, Informacin de restablecimiento de contrasea, WE ARE HAWKS Behavior Intervention Program, Kern High School District WASC Accreditation Status, Nondiscrimination Policies (Title IX/Sexual Harassment), 7301 Old River Road Bakersfield, CA 93311. Sites and other resources: https://www.osu.edu/features/hidden-gems/annabelle-the-praying-mantis.html#:~:text=Annabelle%20the%20praying%20mantis%20is,Learning%20Gardens%20at%20Ohio%20State. var dropdownParent = params.dropdownParent; $("#sw-mystart-left").append(''); Timely Topics. Beginning with women graduating high school in 2023, NPC plans to award 10 college scholarships of US$2,000 each annually through our new . He wanted to create something that would be thought provoking and mesh well with the Scioto area. } if(getWidth < 640){ // 480- One of the first pieces we saw was Pale Confetti Chandelier. Tweets by @ClarkCountySch. She is known for her bronze sculptures with unusual objects pressed into the surface to make nice textures, and accentuate the form of the piece. $("div.ui-widget.app.headlines .ui-article", this).each(function(){ ga('BBTracker.set', 'dimension1', 'AWS'); "breakPoint" : 639, // SYSTEM BREAK POINTS - 1023, 767, 639, 479 Las Vegas, NV 89146 USA "imageHeight" : 345, var browserName = browser[0].toLowerCase(); Contact Sharon Bradley Sharon Bradley LACOE- Community School Specialist: Contact Nancy Bravo Nancy Bravo (310) 635-2715 ex: 66248/66249 . 10200 CENTENNIAL PARKWAY //SEARCH TEXT Monday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. It may also possibly be inviting people to enjoy the pastoral demeanor of a river. clearInterval(window.featureTimer); $("#gb-popular-links-outer").slideDown(function(){ Support Staff. function calendarListView(){ View directions and tutorial. Regional semifinals, Saturday, 7 p.m. #9 Newport Beach Pacifica Christian at #5 Oxnard. if(!$(".ui-widget.app.calendar #calendarlist-pnl-specialview.loaded").length){ 12400 W McMillan Rd, Boise, ID 83713 (208) 855-4250. appView480(); Centennial High School 4300 Centennial Lane Ellicott City, MD 21042 P: (410) 313-2856 F: (410) 313-2861 . var N = navigator.appName, ua=navigator.userAgent, tem; He made this exhibit to make art more accessible to the general public and not just in stuffy museums. var index = $(this).index(); //DOC add last class to last channel item HCPSS facilities are maintained to the highest standards by dedicated staff. Menu . } SUN AM Basketball, 9:29 AM - 10:41 AM // IF THE DROPDOWN IS OPEN, CLOSE IT } The Frantz family came to Dublin in 1828, and Eulalia was from a long line of farmers in Washington township. $("+ " + dropdownList + " a", this).attr("tabindex", "-1"); "menuPosition" : "absolute", // OTHER OPTION IS 'relative' 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM e.preventDefault(); }); 2021 Clark County School District. School Start and Dismissal Times: In the early 1990s the Dublin Arts Council decided they wanted to commission an artist to create an outdoor sculpture for the small, three-acre Sam and Eulalia Frantz Park and they eventually decided on Columbus Malcolm Cochran an artist and former Ohio State University art professor from Columbus, Ohio After months of planning and building, Cochran's creation, Fields of Corn with Osage Orange Trees was finally revealed in 1994. https://www.columbusnavigator.com/scioto-deer/, https://www.dispatch.com/photogallery/OH/20180705/PHOTOGALLERY/703009997/PH/1, https://www.sciotomile.com/parks/genoa-park/, Location: Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens at Ohio State. $(".hp-feature-title.active").removeClass("active").next(".hp-feature-title").addClass("active"); $(".hp-feature-slide").removeClass("active"); // IS LAST ITEM It is made of steel and painted red. Does your student want to make a difference in our Howard County community? Staff: Lakeview Centennial High School - Garland ISD Staff First name Last name Profile Email Department Join our team Apply now for all positions using GISD's Online Application System. //DOC replace more-link text if($(this).val() == "Search") { div.region { //DOC use channel name for pagelistnavigation header if one is not present $(".sw-mystart-dropdown.translate .sw-dropdown-list").creativeTranslate({ The making of the piece was recorded in a pioneering documentary on Moore made by John Read for the BBC that year. //DOC auto click function for schoolwires calendar list view for small mobile devices Principal: Wipperman, Keith M photoGallery(); appView(); At the exhibit, I learned that Chihuly always paints his idea first, and since hes no longer able to hold the blowpipe that is used to make blown glass, his assistants. Professional Development Day (Student Holiday), 12:30 PM if($(this).parent().is(":first-child")) { $(".sw-mystart-dropdown.schoollist .selector, .sw-mystart-dropdown.schoollist .sw-dropdown-selected").text("Choose School"); return [M[0], M[1]]; } Copyright 2002-2023 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. It brings life and fun to the community. case KeyCodes.enter: . }, 500); Map Location. calendarListView(); e.preventDefault(); Parent Login Center; Online Resources for Parents; Dignity Act Coordinators & Anti-Bullying Resources; Course Description Guide; Forms & Policies; Mailings & E-Blasts Phone: 702-799-3440 // FOCUS PREVIOUS ITEM ; } Both were from families that had been early settlers in the area. $("#gb-scroll-to-top").click(function(e){ }); Access your students information and classroom instructional tools. It isnt too crazy or super eye catching but it is something that youll pass by and go Oh that nice. } } else { // GET BROWSER AND VERSION monthLong:"no" $("div.ui-spn > div").css({"text-align" : "center", "padding" : "50px 0px 50px 0px"});

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